• What causes the surface grinder spindle to become hot?
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The surface grinding machine in the life application more and more, in the operation process, meets any breakdown needs to carry on the processing promptly. When the surface grinding machine spindle found hot phenomenon, should first understand the main reason for this phenomenon is what, the following will give you a simple introduction.

1, if the surface grinding machine spindle is a long time after the temperature in the hand can bear the range (60-70 degrees or so), generally speaking, is normal, this is also called constant temperature, if the temperature rises quickly after a short time after the operation, the hand dare not touch, it is a fault.

2, under normal circumstances, the plane grinding machine spindle hot is due to the spindle bearing lubricating oil layer is not too little or too little, metal friction caused by heat. Too little lubricating oil causes dry friction to produce the first heat energy.

The amount of feed to the grinding wheel of the grinder is too large, and the dry friction caused by it exceeds the range that the lubricating film between the bearings can bear. Or maintenance of the spindle and bearing pad scraping contact is poor, rolling bearing assembly is too tight, these are leading to the surface grinding machine spindle hot common reasons.